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Web-Based training is the future of distance learning

Universities, businesses and the governments are using web-based instruction to meet training needs.  Evergreen would gain by embracing distance learning in two key areas, Cost, and Efficiency.   The overhead of managing a distance learning system that is web-based will be far less than DVD based training.  The cost of recompiling a presentation, burning to DVD, and sending out to the pilot group is far more than would be if done via the web.  With web-based training changes to content can literally be made in real time with no disruption to the system.  There are NO presentations to edit, NO DVDs to burn, NO shipping cost of ANY MATERAIL, and in some cases NO instructors to coordinate with.  The internet makes this possible, and with this small pilot group at EIA, hosting these services are not even close to the cost of CURRENT distance learning practices.

The following presentation is a sample (Rough Draft)  of what is possible.  Time constraints require that it be viewed in IE6 or later, and with Power Point installed on the computer used to view it.  However, a final version would be flash based, making it NOT DEPENDENT on Operating Systems, Web Browser, or viewer.   In-fact, with flash, all one would need is an Internet connection and a web-browser capable of interpreting flash files.

An example of this can be found at http://www.ctsys.com. This is a computer based training solution used by FAR part 135 operators throughout the country and internationally as well.

Due to time constraints the following example is not even close to what is possible (as seen at CTYSY.com).  The following presentation was built using simple tools.  I know that if given the tools and time I could make a training course that would be as good as any in use today.

Follow this link and then select the module "Anti-Ice and Rain" CLICK HERE!!

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