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If you are interested in providing aviation relevant Editorials, please contact us and let us know.

Below are the guidelines that need to be following for the submission of Editorials to this site.

Writing a great Editorial
Your editorial should present your opinion on an issue. You alone are the content contributor, and you alone will decide what and how your content will work to express your idea. You should leave a place for your contact info and a little background of yourself. Your Editorial should help influence aviatiors opinions, cause them to want to take action on your issue, and promote critical thinking. Therefore, your Editorial is an educated opinionated news story.

Editorials must have the following:
1. Introduction, body and conclusion.
2. Objective explanations of the issue you are covering, especially those that are complex
3. An angle that will catch the reader’s attention.
4. Opinions that refute yours should be addressed.
5. Content should be delivered in a professional manner. Your editorial should engage issues, not personalities, please refrain from any, POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS topics that polarize along political lines.
6. Alternative solutions should be included using a pro-active approach, try to make the situation better by using constructive criticism and giving solutions.
7. Provide a complete and concise conclusion that will summarizes the writer's opinion

Four Types of Editorials:
1. Explain or interpret
2. Criticize
3. Persuade
4. Praise

Writing an Editorial
1. Pick a topic you are interested in and are passionate about.
2. Collect information and facts; include objectives. Do research
3. State your opinion in a thesis statement
4. Explain the issue objectively.
5. Give opposing viewpoints. Don’t forget quotations were needed.
6. If rejecting the other side, develop your case using facts, details, and figures.
8. Repeat phrases that reinforce your idea.
9. Give a realistic solution(s) to the problem.
10. Your conclusion should have a punch that restates your opening remark/s (thesis statement).
11. Keep it 500-750 words
12. Never use "I"
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